The H.P. Lovecraft Dream Book

The H.P. Lovecraft Dream Book

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by H. P. Lovecraft
Personal Correspondence on dream experiences.
A book on strange and weird dreams of Other Realities, by H.P.L., the greatest dream-master of them all.


“Last night I had a brief but typical dream. I was standing on the East Providence shore of the Seekonk River, about three quarters of a mile south of the foot of Angell Street, at some unearthly nocturnal hour. The tide was flowing out horribly – exposing parts of the river-bed never before exposed to human sight. Many persons lined the banks, looking at the receding waters & occasionally glancing at the sky. Suddenly a blinding flare –reddish in hue– appeared high in the south-western sky; & something descended to earth in a cloud of smoke, striking the Providence shore near the Red Bridge – about an eighth of a mile south on Angell Street. The watchers on the banks screamed in horror ‘It has come – Ithas come at last!’…”

FromThe H.P.L. Dreambook

15 x 21 cm, 104 pgs

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