Ten Thousand Dreams

Ten Thousand Dreams

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Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller
A practical exposition and interpretation of thousands of dream symbols and images.


“All dreams possess an element of warning or prescience; some more than others. This is unknown to the many, but is known to the observing few. …”

“We do not claim that this book will prove an interpreter of all dreams, or that the keys disclosed will open to you all the mysteries of the future, or even all those surrounding your own personality, but by studying the definitions and the plane upon which they were written, you will be able, through the power of your own spirit, to interpret your own dreams. The combination of dream and dream influences are as infinite as the stars, or the combination of thought and number. They can only be classed and considered as such. They cannot be analyzed in detail or as a whole…”
– Fully Indexed. 22 x 30 cm, 276 pgs

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