History of the Warfare of Science...

History of the Warfare of Science with Theology (3 Vol.)

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by Andrew Dickson White
One of the most comprehensive and brilliant studies of the warfare, conflicts and disputes between science and dogmatic theology in the Christian world during the last 2.000 years.


At last, out of the old conception of our Bible as a collection of oracles – a mass of entangling utterances, fruitful in wrangling interpretations, which have given to the world long and weary ages of 'hatred, malice, and all uncharitableness'; of fetichism, subtlety, and pomp; of tyranny bloodshed, and solemnly constituted imposture; of everything which the Lord Jesus Christ most abhorred – has been gradually developed through the centu-ries, by the labours, sacrifices, and even the martyrdom of a long succession of men of God, the conception of it as a sacred literature – a growth only possible under that divine light which the various orbs of science have done so much to bring into the mind and heart and soul of man – a revelation, not of the Fall of Man, but of the Ascent of Man – an exposition, not of temporary dogmas and ob-servances, but of the Eternal Law of Righteousness – the one up-ward path for individuals and for nations. No longer an oracle, good for the 'lower orders' to accept, but to be quietly sneered at by 'the enlightened' – no longer a fetich, whose defenders must be persecuters, or reconcilers, or 'apologists'; but a most fruitful fact, which religion and science may accept as a source of strength to both."
3 volumes, 15 x 21 cm, 1.000 pgs

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