Book of the Damned

Book of the Damned

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by Charles Fort
The first book of Charles Fort’s famous tetralogy on all sorts of weird and unexplained phenomena that defy scientific dogma, and, for that matter, any logical explanation.


"I call this one of the greatest books ever written in this world, right up there at the top, surely among the first ten. That estimate is based on its potentiality rather than upon any mensurable effect to date. That potentiality lies in its power to make its readers think without telling them what to think. That is the avowed intention of our schools: an intention which, admittedly, they have never achieved. The book is delightfully phrased – something which cannot be said for any text ever handed me by a teacher to study,. It encourages the curious to question, the prying to pry, the inquisitive to inquire. Is there an higher mission on earth? I deem not.”

Tiffany Thayer

15 x 21 cm, 520 pgs

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