Mysteries of the Great Operas

Mysteries of the Great Operas

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by Max Heindel>br> Subject: Occult – Music
Faust, Parsifal, The Ring of the Niebelung, Tannhäuser, Lohengrin


“If we analyze this inner life we shall find that it is twofold: (1) The soul life, which deals with the feelings and emotions: (2) the activity of the Ego which directs all actions by thought.
Just as the material world is the base of supply whence the materials for our dense body have been drawn, and is pre-eminently the world of form, so there is a world of the soul, called the Desire World among the Rosicrucians, which is the base from whence the subtle garment of the Ego, which we call the soul, has been drawn, and this world is particularly the world of color. But the still more subtle World of Thought is the home of the human Spirit, the Ego, and also the realm of tone. Therefore, of the three arts sculpture, painting and music, music has the greatest power over man; for while we are in this terrestrial life we are exiled from our heavenly home and have often forgotten it in our material pursuits, but then comes music, a fragrant odor laden with unspeakable memories. Like an echo from home it reminds us of that forgotten land where all is joy and peace, and even though we may scout such ideas in our material mind, the Ego knows each blessed note as a message from the home land and rejoices in it.”

Max Heindel

15 x 21 cm, 190 pgs

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