The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

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by Israel Regardie
The best, so far, comprehensive and lucid introduction into the theory and practices of magic and theurgy, particularly in the tradition of the Golden Dawn and the the Thelemic (sexual) Magick of Aleister Crowley. Written by a well-known Adept of that Order, who also served for years as Crowley’s personal secretary.


When Magic was looked on as a forbidden subject, Israel Regardie concluded and insisted that Magic is lucid, definite and precise, that there are no vague formulae within the sphere of its exactitude. Perhaps his years as secretary to the controversial Aleister Crowley helped to lead him to these conclusions.

«Regardie learned the fundamentals of magic from one of its greatest modern exponents… The Tree of Life is a book that many regard as the finest modern introduction to magic and cabbalism.”

Colin Wilson, Mysteries

15 x 21 cm, 400 pgs

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